German Hotel Vocabulary & Phrases

Instructor: Maria Elena Knolle Cano

Maria Elena has taught Spanish and German to learners of all levels in Europe, Asia and Australia and has a Master's degree in Cultural Studies and Communication.

In this lesson, it's all about handy German phrases to use when at a hotel. Specific vocabulary related to the hotel environment will also be covered.

Traveling to a German Hotel

Ah, just getting away from it all for a little while - who doesn't like the idea of that? Einfach mal abtauchen (literally: 'simply descending') and indulging in a completely new and enticing place for a while. To make the most of your next Ferien ('holidays') in Germany or Austria, it's essential to learn some basic vocabulary and phrases that can assist you in making your stay that much easier and more pleasurable. Despite most people in Germany and Austria speaking English at a basic or intermediate level, it's always a good idea to learn the German language and impress the Hotelpersonal ('hotel staff') at the Hotel ('hotel') of your choice!

That's at least exactly what Paul and his friend Tom from Toronto are planning on doing! The two Canadian students are currently traveling to Germany, more specifically to Garmisch-Partenkirchen, a small town in Southern Germany located in a beautiful Berglandschaft ('mountain landscape').

ein Hotel in den Bergen, a hotel in the mountains
hotel located in the mountains

Let's give them some time to arrive before meeting up with them again at their hotel Zum bayrischen Schnee ('to the bavarian snow'). Meanwhile, we can catch up with their German language knowledge a little by learning the following essential German vocabulary regarding the wonderful world of hotels:

Essential German Hotel Vocabulary

Let's first take a look at some words that are very similar in German and English, which will help you a great deal when memorizing them:

Vocabulary Pronunciation Translation
das Hotel dahs HAW-tehl the hotel
die Rezeption dee Reh-tsehp-TI-ohn the reception
einchecken IYN-chehck-ehn to check in
der Parkplatz dehr PAHRK-plahts the parking lot
das Restaurant dahs Rehs-TOW-rahnt the restaurant

Check out more vocabulary and phrases in the following table:

Vocabulary Pronunciation Translation
ausgebucht OWS-geh-bookht booked up
das Erdgeschoss dahs EHRD-geh-shaws the ground floor
das erste Stockwerk dahs EHR-stuh Stawck-vayrk the first floor
das zweite Stockwerk dahs TSVIY-tuh Stawck-vayrk the second floor
das dritte Stockwerk dahs DRIHT-tuh Stawck-vayrk the third floor
das Einzelzimmer dahs IYN-tsehl-tsihm-mehr the individual room
das Doppelzimmer dahs DAWP-pehl-tsihm-mehr the double room
die Heizung dee HIY-tsuhng the heating
das Handtuch dahs HANHND-tookh the towel
das Zimmer dahs TSIHM-mehr the room
der Zimmerschlüssel dehr TSIHM-mehr-shlüs-ehl the room keys
der Fahrstuhl dehr FAHR-stoohl the lift
Wo ist das Restaurant? Voh ihst dahs REHS-tow-rahnt? Where is the restaurant?
Wo befindet sich das Schwimmbad? Voh beh-FIHN-deht sihsch dahs SHVIHMM-bahd? Where is the swimming pool located?
Wann servieren Sie Frühstück? Vahnn sehr-FEE-rehn See FRüH-stück? When do you serve breakfast?
Wann muss ich auschecken? Vahnn muhs ihsch OWS-chehck-ehn? When do I have to check out?
Ich benötige mehr Handtücher Ihsch beh-Nö-tih-guh mayr HAHND-tü-chehr I need more towels
Könnte ich mehr Toilettenpapier bekommen, bitte? KöN-tuh ihsch mayr Toy-LAYT-tehn-pah-peer beh-KOHM-mehn, BIHT-tuh? Could I get more toilet paper, please?
Welche Zimmernummer habe ich? Vehl-chuh Tsihm-mehr-nuhm-mehr hah-buh ihsch? Which room number do I have?

Did you take a good look? Don't worry if you feel a little overwhelmed. We will encounter many of our new hotel-related terms and phrases again in just a few moments! It's time to check into the hotel Zum bayrischen Schnee in Bavaria now and see how Paul and Tom are faring on their first ever visit to Germany.

Example Conversation at the Hotel

Tom and Paul are ready to check in at the reception:

Tom: Hallo, wir sind Tom Tabletop und Paul Pepperspray aus Kanada. ('Hi, we are Tom Tabletop and Paul Pepperspray from Canada.') Wir haben reserviert und würden gerne einchecken. ('We have a reservation and would like to check in.')

Rezeptionistin Laura: Willkommen in unserem Hotel! ('Welcome to our hotel!')Ich sehe, Sie haben ein Doppelzimmer für 5 Nächte gebucht? ('I see you have booked a double room for 5 nights?')

Paul: Doppelzimmer? Nein, wir hätten gerne zwei Einzelzimmer! ('Double rooms? No, we would like to have two individual rooms!')

Laura: Oh, das tut mir sehr leid, aber wir sind leider ausgebucht. ('Well, I am very sorry, but we are booked up.') Wir haben nur noch dieses Doppelzimmer. ('We just have this double room left.')

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