'Get to Know You' Activities for Middle School

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  • 0:00 Getting to Know Your Students
  • 0:22 Ice-Breaker Games
  • 2:20 Friendly Competition
  • 3:09 Make the First Day Memorable
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Sara Matherne

Sara is a middle school English teacher, and has a Master's Degree in Teacher Leadership.

The beginning of the school year takes a lot of work from both students and teachers. You can help your students adjust to middle school by providing them with get-to-know-you activities, allowing you to learn student names and personalities and helping students relax and get to know each other.

Getting to Know Your Students

Starting middle school can be very daunting for students. While they are obviously excited to see their friends again, learn new things, and move out of elementary school, there is so much uncertainty. As a teacher, you can help your middle school students transition smoothly into their new environment, while also ensuring that your class starts out on the right foot.

Ice-Breaker Games

An easy way to help your students relax and open up on the first day of class is to get them talking and laughing together. Some of your students will know each other from last school year, but there will also be many new faces in your classroom. Playing ice-breaker games can help students learn more about each other and have fun doing so. Ice-breaker games also help you get to know your students, and help you begin to learn their names.

Some of the classic ways to help students learn more about their classmates also help you, the teacher, learn more about your students and their personalities. You can try the well-loved Student Bingo, where students walk around the room with a bingo card filled with items such as, 'find someone who loves vampire novels,' or 'find a student who just moved here from out of state.' When students have filled either their entire card, or even just a row, they can then tell the rest of the class which items on the card apply to them. This is a great way to get students talking and sharing more about themselves, and allows them to talk to several other students in a short time period.

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