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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Svitlana Kostenko
In this lesson, we are going to talk about how to use workforce skills courses. Many of these courses cover soft skills that are valuable in the modern workplace.

Finding Workforce Skills Courses's library has a vast collection of workforce skills courses. Some of our workforce skills courses teach you how to be an active listener or a better team player, while other courses cover how to create an inclusive environment at your work. We've designed these courses to help you improve some very specific skills, so you'll find that they're fairly short, to the point, and easy to fit into a busy schedule.

You can find the list of our workforce skills courses on the site under the heading ''Skill Courses.'' We've organized the courses into a couple of broad categories which you can explore by course title or subject matter. You can click into a course and read the description on the course page to help you decide whether it fits your needs. We encourage you to talk to your manager or mentor to come up with a list of the courses you should focus on.

Once you've determined which courses to take, you can easily enroll in them up by visiting each course page and clicking on the button labeled ''Start this Course.'' After you've started a course, it will become available on your dashboard under the ''My Courses'' module, and your course completion progress will appear there as well.

Getting the Most Out of Courses provides features designed you help successfully complete your workforce skills course. A short five-question quiz accompanies almost every lesson in these courses, and while passing each quiz is a requirement for completing the course, doing so will ensure that you retain the information you learned in each lesson and serve as a helpful refresher for the important concepts.

In addition to these lesson quizzes, most of our workforce skills courses contain practical application assets. These assets present you with opportunities to use your newly acquired skills. They may contain print-outs, questionnaires, self-assessment tools, or scenario-based activities that will help you actively apply the skills you've learned in your course and help you understand how they're relevant to your work. Look for lessons that start with ''Practical Application'' in the title to recognize these opportunities and use them as active, engaging opportunities to test what you've learned and how to apply it to add value in your life. also offers tools that will help enhance your study habits. The first of these is our note-taking tool. You'll find this towards the right-hand side of the lesson page. This tool allows you to take notes based on the content in our videos. You can timestamp your notes so that you can return to the place in the video where you took them.

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