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Instructor: Daniel Brown
Whether you have academic questions, general questions, technical questions or you need any other kind of support, we're here to help.

What if I have questions about lessons or courses?

For academic questions you can use's Instant Answers feature to contact instructors who will be able to provide clarifying answers around course content. This might be a question about a certain historical event, or a question about how to solve a certain type of math problem. To ask an Instant Answer question:

1. Navigate to your Dashboard by clicking on the person icon in the top right-hand corner of your screen, then clicking 'Dashboard.'

Click on the person icon at the top right of your browser to get to the dashboard

2.From your Dashboard, click on the Instant Answers tab on the left-hand side of the page.

Click on the instant answers tab in your dashboard

3.This will display a page with a large field where you can type in your question and click 'Get Answer.'

Submitting an instant answer

4.You will receive an email notification when your question has been answered.

I have a non-academic question. How can I get in touch with somebody from

For almost any other question, you can contact our support team. Simply click on the 'Help' tab on any lesson, then follow the 'customer support' link.

Click the help tab on a lesson page to submit a support ticket

If you want to report an error in a lesson, or you have a technical question, you can find out how to do so below.

I've spotted a mistake in a lesson. Can I report it?

Yes! Absolutely.

We pride ourselves on the quality lessons, but small mistakes do occasionally make it onto the site. If you've spotted a mistake in a video, transcript, quiz, practice test or flashcard, please do tell us!

1.On every lesson page you will see a small link that says 'Report an Error'. Click on this link.

Every lesson has a lesson error report link

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