Ghost of the Lagoon Activities

Instructor: Tara Schofield

Tara has a PhD in Marketing & Management

'Ghost of the Lagoon' provides students a chance to understand bravery, revenge, and success. Use the activities in this lesson to help students relate to the characters and plot of the story.


Ghost of the Lagoon is the story of a boy, Mako, and his family who live on the island of Bora Bora. The story explains how Mako learns of the infamous Tupa, a creature in the nearby lagoon. Mako soon learns that his father was killed by Tupa, which ignites a passion to avenge his father and kill Tupa. When he is faced with the great white shark, his vision of killing Tupa becomes reality and he defeats the creature, returning to his village a hero. The activities in this lesson help students engage with the characters and gain a greater understanding of the events in the story.


Visual Display

Instruct your students to create a clay image of Tupa, the creature from the story. Include details shared in the story as well as personal interpretations of what the creature looks like.

Team Discussion

Each student is asked to create three questions they would like to ask Mako. These questions may include what life is like in Bora Bora, what it was like to see Tupa, or how he was able to defeat Tupa. Pair up the students and have one student ask a question while the other student creates a fictional but realistic response.

Classroom Discussion

Divide the class into groups of three or four students. Ask each group to create two questions to share in a classroom discussion about the story. These questions should be open-ended, meaning there is not one definite answer but rather a chance to discuss the questions. For instance, 'What was the shark's name' does not offer a chance for discussion. However, they could say, 'Why do you think the author chose Tupa as the shark's name?'

Personal Insight

The story discusses bravery and courage. Ask the students to pick one example of courage and write about it. Explain how the character was courageous, what was happening that required courage, and how their courage affected the outcome of the situation.

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