Giving & Receiving Effective Feedback for Web Projects

Instructor: Rachel Noorda
Feedback is an important part to improving your own web projects and helping classmates to improve their projects as well. This lesson gives you tips for giving and receiving more effective feedback for web projects.

An Introduction to Web Projects and Feedback

Bill Gates once said, 'We all need people who will give us feedback. That's how we improve.' There is certainly some wisdom there because giving and receiving feedback on web projects, for example, can assist in improvement. Feedback is information you get from other people about how to improve something, like your writing. It is sometimes difficult in your own writing to see your strengths and flaws because you are too close to the text and it makes you blind to the ways to improve. But feedback from outsiders who are not close to your text can give you the information to make your writing better.

You might have already given and received feedback for essays or research papers, but what about giving and receiving feedback for writing in other formats? Web projects are writing projects that are published on the internet, such as posts on blogs, websites, or social media. Web projects are just a different format for presenting your writing. Instead of a traditional essay or research paper, writing published in a web format can be updated more frequently and include other multimedia elements.

So how do you give and receive feedback for web projects? Giving effective feedback will require asking questions, challenging claims, and offering other perspectives. Receiving effective feedback will require having an open mind and asking clarifying questions.

Feedback can help you improve your writing

General Giving Feedback Tips

These tips are useful for giving and receiving feedback for any type of writing, and it would be useful for you to apply them to web projects to be most effective.

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