Global Interrelatedness: Demographic, Political, Economic & Cultural

Instructor: Joshua Sipper

Dr. Sipper holds a PhD in Education, a Master's of Education, and a Bachelor's in English. Most of his experience is in adult and post secondary education.

As technology and social networks continue to grow, the global community becomes more interrelated. This leads to increased demographic, political, economic, and cultural dynamics internationally, as well as concerns that must be communicated and mitigated carefully and regularly.

An Analysis of Global Interrelatedness

Have you ever met someone for the first time and in the middle of your conversation realized that you have someone in common? Maybe it's a friend or family member or just someone you went to school with. This is a simple example of being interconnected.

Now take that to the next level. Imagine that you're talking to that same person and you realize that not only do you have someone in common, but the reason you have someone in common is because you have something in common, like you all enjoy surfing. Now you're relating to that person and sharing more specific information about relationships and activities. This relation you're experiencing is interrelatedness. This same concept can be extended in a more complex way to the global areas of demographics, politics, economics, and culture. Let's look at these different areas and then analyze how they interrelate.

Global Demographics

Demographics usually refer to the statistical study of a given population. While Africa and Southeast Asia are currently the most demographically diverse areas in the world, many nations including China, Great Britain, and many European countries are becoming more diverse as well. This trend shows no sign of slowing as more people spread out globally searching for more economic opportunity, usually following technological and industrial trends and growth. This is nothing new. Imagine you're a nomad in 1000 BC, traveling across a barren wilderness with your tribe, camels packing everything you own. Then you see it! A beautiful scene of palms and grasslands for grazing the sheep and goats you have led through the wilderness. You settle there with your tribe and before long, other tribes arrive, creating a diverse and bustling community.

A look at populations across the globe
Global Demographics

Global Politics

As people of different backgrounds and values continue to spread out around the globe, so do their political ideals and beliefs. The same can be said for the effect of communication and collaboration on an international scale. As ideas and concepts are shared over social and traditional media, the landscape of world politics continues to change. This sweeping change not only affects people in growing third-world economies, like many in Africa and Asia, but even the most industrialized and informationally advanced. The reach of globalized political structures will likely to continue to grow, given the strong and steady growth of technological reach through mobile communication and networks.

Just consider how connected you are by your mobile device of choice. Through this device, you can reach out to literally thousands of other human beings and tell them what you think about any number of things. While there are those who will disagree, there are others who want to be in a conversation where they can share ideas and try to find truth in the midst of all they see and hear in traditional and social media. This is where politics meets the people and it happens all over the world.

The United Nations is an example of a movement toward global politics.
UN assembly hall

Global Economics

The economies of various nations around the globe are growing and changing rapidly along with advances in many fields, including information technology, security, and medical advances, just to name a few. As better access to health care, more advanced machinery for farming and mining, and increased job growth continue to flood into many areas of the globe, economies seem to rise and fall almost uncontrollably. Where economies used to be viewed on a more local scale, usually dominated by only a few countries, now the economy of every nation in the world seems to be irrevocably tied to every other nation. A dip in fuel prices in Russia, for instance, might trigger an economic meltdown in India. As a result, maintaining a more stable and diverse global market is viewed as an important and necessary way in which to stabilize not only economies but also societies and politics on a grand scale.

Global economic development is at the forefront of global economics among nations.
Global Economics

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