GMAT Verbal Section: Types of Questions & Directions

Instructor: Summer Stewart

Summer has taught creative writing and sciences at the college level. She holds an MFA in Creative writing and a B.A.S. in English and Nutrition

The GMAT is a graduate school entrance exam that tests many things including verbal skills. In this lesson, we will go over what type of questions are included in the verbal section of the GMAT exam.

What Is the GMAT?

The GMAT is a graduate-level entrance exam that shows business school admissions teams a student's ability to succeed. The GMAT tests a person's reasoning, comprehension, and critical thinking skills. It is thought to be a reliable predictor of your ability to do well in graduate school. The three types of questions in the verbal section of the GMAT are reading comprehension, critical reasoning, and sentence correction. In this lesson, we will look at each type of questions and the directions given to you on the exam for completing these questions.

Reading Comprehension

The reading comprehension questions are designed to evaluate your ability to investigate written passages, and determine what they are about. Moreover, these questions gauge how well you can draw conclusions from the written passages and figure out what can be determined from them.

Each passage is followed by a series of two to four questions. Questions may ask you to guess what information would logically follow the previous paragraph. When you are reading the passage, remember to take your time, and allow yourself one minute to answer each question.

According to the GMAT study guide, reading comprehension questions begin with the following directions:

''The questions in this group are based on the content of a passage. After reading the passage, choose the best answer to each question. Answer all questions following the passage on the basis of what is stated or implied in the passage.''

Critical Reasoning

Critical reasoning questions ask you to analyze logical information. You may be asked to read a passage before selecting a statement that supports the information. Questions use a variety of information from many industries, and the questions test your ability to use logic, even you are not knowledgeable in formal logic. These questions want to see if you can figure out what the information tells you about current, former, or future trends of the given passage.

According to the GMAT study guide, the directions for critical reasoning question look like this:

''For this question, select the best of the answer choices given.''

Sentence Correction

Can you communicate effectively? Do you know the difference between 'their', 'there', and 'they're'? Well, that is what the sentence correction questions are going to test. Sentence correction questions evaluate your grasp of the English language, technical and cultural aspects included.

According to the GMAT study guide, sentence correction directions are presented as:

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