Goal Setting Lesson for Kids

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  • 0:04 Goals
  • 0:23 Identify the End Result
  • 0:48 Create Small Steps
  • 1:19 Reflect and Check
  • 2:10 Include Rewards
  • 2:33 Lesson Summary
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Jennifer Lowery

Jennifer has taught elementary levels K-3 and has master's degrees in elementary education and curriculum/instruction and educational leadership.

A great strategy for accomplishing tasks is to set goals. In this lesson, learn about how to set goals, ways to measure them, and how to celebrate when you accomplish them!


Have you ever been faced with a big task or challenge? Setting goals can help you accomplish those tasks and feel successful.

A goal is something that you determine you want, and you work hard to achieve it. Whether it's preparing for a big test or exercising to run a race, goal setting can help you get there!

Identify the End Result

When you begin to set a goal, you may start thinking right away about all of the steps you need to do to accomplish that goal. This can get overwhelming.

Instead, first think about your goal's end result. It's important to have a vision, or idea in your mind, of what you want to achieve. This can help you become excited about the goal and help you have a better idea of exactly what it will take for you to achieve the end result.

Create Small Steps

Let's say you have a giant math test coming up and your goal is to make an A. Sounds a little challenging! Instead of just saying that you hope you get an A, you can create small mini-goals to help you get to the big one.

Make sure you can measure, or keep track of, these goals. Instead of saying that you are going to study, tell yourself that each night you will review your math book for 15 minutes. You can even set a timer to help keep you on track! These small steps will add up to help you achieve the overall goal.

Reflect and Check

Once you set those small goals, it's important to stop every now and then to reflect, or to see how you are doing.

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