Goals of Partnerships with Individuals & Organizations

Instructor: Jill Olmsted
Developing partnerships in the workplace can seem like a difficult process, and getting started is sometimes the most challenging part. But with a little persistence, sustainable partnerships with individuals and organizations could last a lifetime.

Goals of Partnerships

Have you ever wished you could just wake up with a set of six-pack abs? Of course, there is something desirable about having a fit, healthy body, but in order to obtain six-pack abs, you need the right amount of exercise, nutrition, and rest to produce healthy, sustainable muscles.

If you don't exercise your abdominal muscle groups, eat right, and get proper sleep, then your dreams of having six-pack abs might not come true as quickly as they would with the proper attention. However, if you focus on eating healthy foods and exercising the right muscle groups on a regular basis, then you will see the desired results of six-pack abs along with a healthy body and more energy.

Partnerships between individuals and organizations occur when all parties involved understand the goals that need to be achieved and then work towards those goals as a team in order to produce the most effective outcome. For instance, some partnerships are formed as a means to create awareness about social responsibility and community involvement.

Organizations are influential entities of society; therefore, a positive presence is crucial to success and favorable business practices. When organizations collaborate within their communities, they are able to form and grow business relationships and community relationships, which contribute to a positive reputation in society. Partnerships in the workplace, like developing strong muscles, can take different amounts of work in order to produce the desired results.

Partnerships for Success

Steps to Establishing Partnerships

There are several steps, which we'll refer to as the 5 C's, that are necessary to build partnerships between key individuals and organizations.

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