Gods of Ancient Egypt: Lesson for Kids

Instructor: Sarah Meers

Sarah has taught elementary education for 10 years and has a master's degree in Education Leadership.

The people of Ancient Egypt worshiped many gods as part of their religion. In this article, you will learn about the beliefs the Egyptian citizens had about their gods as well as specific gods that were important to the people of Ancient Egypt.

Worshiping Gods in Egypt

In Ancient Egypt, the citizens worshiped over 2000 different gods and goddesses! At the time, Egypt was separated into 40 different areas, kind of like states in the United States of America. Many Egyptians believed in the same major gods, but each area also had their own lesser-known gods that they believed in and prayed to.

The relationship between the people and the gods was a huge part of the Egyptian culture. These gods were represented as humans or humans with animal heads. Each one represents a specific element of life, such as the sun, sky, or war. The gods were all related to each other. When the Gods decided to show themselves to humans on Earth, they were always in the form of an animal.

The Egyptians would give the gods offerings and do rituals. An offering is something the Egyptians would give the god so they would listen to their prayer. A ritual is a specific thing the Egyptians would do in order to make the gods happy. The people of Egypt would have to have the pharaoh's permission to make the offerings and do the rituals though. A pharaoh claimed to be the gods' representative and, meaning pharaohs were the only people who could allow the citizens to give offerings or conduct a ritual to their god. The people believed by doing this the gods would give them what they were praying for.

Egyptian Gods

Popular Gods of Ancient Egypt

Ra is the god of the sun. He is thought to be the most important god. Many believe he is the one who created the world. Ra is represented as a human with a falcon head.

Amun is the king of gods. He is represented as a human with the head of a ram.

Anubis is the god of mummification, which is how the Egyptians preserved the bodies of their citizens before they buried them. He was represented as a human with a head of a jackal.

Anubis, God of Mummification

Bastet is the goddess of protection. She is represented as a human with the head of a cat.

Goddess of Protection Bastet

Geb is the Earth god. Many believed that his laughter caused earthquakes. He was represented as a human with the head of a goose.

Hathor is the goddess of love and joy, music and dance. She was represented as a human with the head of a cow.

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