Golden Triangle in Marketing

Instructor: Endya Perry

Endya has taught corporate training courses and led seminars in various business topics. She has a master’s degree in business administration.

Ever wonder what the Golden Triangle in Marketing is? In this lesson, you'll get to explore the Golden Triangle and its vital components which enable marketing strategies to be successful.

What is the Golden Triangle?

Just as a triangle has three distinct sides, the Golden Triangle in Marketing has three important components that must work in conjunction in order for a marketing strategy to be effective. A triangle will not exist if one of its sides are missing. Similarly, a marketing strategy will not be successful if one does not account for all three parts of the Golden Triangle. The three Golden Triangle in Marketing components are:

• Market

• Message

• Media

The Golden Triangle in Marketing
Golden Triangle

The Market

The base of the Golden Triangle is the Market. The market refers to the selected audience for the desired messaging. The key is to successfully identify those who would be most willing and capable to purchase the targeted good or service. Consumers in the market will travel through a journey of discovery that will ultimately lead to the desired action.

The Message

The next leg of the Golden Triangle is the Message. The message serves as the guide on the journey of discovery which ends in the desired action. There are certain components the message must contain. The message must be relevant, timely, and interesting to the target market. This requires research to determine the needs, interests and limitations of the target market.

The Media

The final leg of the Golden Triangle is Media. Media refers to the mechanism by which the message is delivered to the market. There are many different types of media that can be used to deliver messaging. Social media, email, direct mail, magazine advertisements, TV or radio commercials are all examples of various types of media mechanisms that can be activated in the marketing strategy.

The Sequence

There is an appropriate sequence in which the marketing components should be considered. It is important to select the media after the market and message have been defined because the market and method will determine the appropriate media type. Failure to execute this appropriate sequence will result in ineffective and fruitless strategies.

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