Gone Girl Discussion Questions

Instructor: Angela Janovsky

Angela has taught middle and high school English, Business English and Speech for nine years. She has a bachelor's degree in psychology and has earned her teaching license.

The novel Gone Girl spins a web of lies and duplicity. These questions will guide students through the deceptions to an understanding of the novel's main themes and concepts.

Gone Girl

Written in 2012 by Gillian Flynn, Gone Girl tells a dark tale centered on manipulation and deceit. Students will likely be captivated by a novel seemingly without a likable protagonist.

Here are some challenging discussion questions to use in your classroom after having read Gone Girl.

Character Questions

  • Analyze Margo as a character. What is her role in the story? Why do you think Flynn made her Nick's twin? What would the story lose if she was not in it? Do you like her? Explain.
  • Is Nick a bad person? What are his flaws? What are his strengths? Did he deserve what Amy did to him? Why or why not? Do you feel bad for Nick? Explain.
  • Examine Amy's character. What observations does she make about society and the people in her life? Is she right? Or is she just a lying sociopath? Do you think she really would have committed suicide? Explain.
  • Examine the childhoods of Amy and Nick. How did each one affect their characters? How did it influence their behavior in adulthood? Do you have sympathy for them knowing what they experienced as children? Explain.
  • Discuss Marybeth and Rand Elliott. Are they good parents? Do you think they truly know Amy? Are they responsible for raising a child who behaves as Amy does? How accountable are parents in regards to the behavior of their children? Should Marybeth and Rand share some guilt in Amy's crimes? Explain.
  • What role does Nick's father play in the story? What is his relationship with Amy? Do you think there are things about him Amy and Nick are not sharing with the reader? Why or why not?

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