Granny Torrelli Makes Soup Questions

Instructor: Tammy Galloway

Tammy teaches business courses at the post-secondary and secondary level and has a master's of business administration in finance.

Granny Torrelli Makes Soup is a fun read. In this lesson, students will be able to respond to specific events in the book, complete character analyses, probe content from a literary viewpoint, and formulate their own opinions.

Character Analyses Questions

  • Who is Rosie? How would you describe her? How is she similar to yourself? What are the differences in your personalities?
  • What's special about Bailey? What challenges does Bailey face on a daily basis due to his circumstances? Does Bailey have any advantages above the average kid?
  • How does Rosie surprise Bailey? Is this a tangible or intangible gift? How does Bailey react? Do you think his behavior was appropriate? Why or why not? Has anyone ever surprised you with a gift? If so, explain. If not, discuss a family member, friend, or classmate who was surprised with a gift.
  • Granny is certainly a special person. Use five adjectives to describe her. Do you have someone in your family similar to Granny? If so, explain. If not, discuss how someone like Granny would benefit your family.
  • Compare and contrast Granny's personality as a young adult to herself now? What are the major differences? What awful thing did Granny do when she was younger? Do you believe the phrase, ''Age brings about wisdom''? Why or why not?
  • Discuss what you think each main character has learned by the end of the book. Discuss each in detail.

Questions About the Importance of Relationships

  • How does Bailey's blindness affect his relationship with Rosie? What are some challenges they encounter? How would you propose they solve these challenges?
  • Describe Granny's relationship with Rosie. What's the most important lesson Rosie learned from Granny? What is the most important lesson you learned from a role model in your life?
  • Who is Pardo? Why was Granny sad about Pardo? What do you think Granny would do differently if she had another chance? Discuss a character from a movie, television show, or book who received a second chance in a relationship.
  • Did Bailey and Rosie's relationship change by the end of the story? Explain. In your response, list and discuss factors that changed their relationship and why.
  • Toward the end of the book, why does Rosie decide to invite others to the pasta party? Does this show her level of maturity? Explain.

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