Grassland Biome Lesson for Kids

Instructor: Alexandra Owens

Alexandra has taught middle school science and has a master's degree in Math and Science Education.

Jump in our safari jeep and learn about the grassland biome. You will explore the two types of grasslands, their climate, and the plants and animals that call it home.

What is the Grassland Biome?

'Home, home on the range. Where the deer and the antelope play.'

Have you ever heard this song before? Perhaps while singing around the campfire? This classic song paints images of the grassland biome. Just like the name states, this biome is mostly a large field of grass as far as the eye can see. There are two types of grasslands: temperate and tropical, which is also called a savanna. Let's travel to each type of grassland to learn more!

The Temperate Grassland

First stop is the temperate grassland. The temperate grassland can be found on every continent except Antarctica. Sometimes it goes by the name prairie or plain. The soil is nutrient rich, or fertile, which makes it great for farming. If you pick this soil up you can see it is a very dark, rich brown color.


The temperatures range greatly between seasons in the temperate grassland. Summers can reach 100°F, while winters can dip to -40°F. I'm glad we are visiting in the spring! What we will have to look out for is rain. Spring and summer can bring up to 35 inches of rain, followed by snow in the winter. During dry times, or drought, it can be dry enough that the grass catches on fire!

Plants and Animals

The temperate grassland is home to mostly grass, but also to some short trees and shrubs. Animals that live here like to eat these grasses. Can you spot some off in the distance? I think that is a herd of bison! We can also find antelope, coyotes, prairie dogs, and fox. I wonder what we will find in the other type of grassland. Follow me!

The temperate grassland is home to many animals like these bison.

The Tropical Grassland

The tropical grassland is also called a savanna. The most famous tropical grassland is found in Africa and is home to elephants and zebra. Jump on the safari jeep and let's check it out!

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