Group Communication Skills Activities

Instructor: Christopher Muscato

Chris has a master's degree in history and teaches at the University of Northern Colorado.

Group communication carries with it its own challenges. These activities will let students practice communication skills in a group setting, which prove to be essential throughout their lives.

Communication in Groups

Communication skills are important for all students to learn, but communication is not a single skill. Working with a group is a skill unto itself and something that students will have to rely on for much of their lives. The following activities can help your students practice communicating with and alongside group members. Its never too early or too late to perfect group communication, so these activities are designed to be adaptable to many grade levels.

Group Communication Skills Activities

Find the Object

Break the class into groups. One member of each group will remain in the classroom while everyone else goes outside. Ask the groups that are leaving to designate a group leader while they are outside. Those inside the classroom will each pick a single object. Have the groups come back in. Each group will try and find their object by asking their group member yes-or-no questions. Only the group leader can ask questions, so the entire group must converse and agree on the questions first. Whichever group finds their object first wins.

  • Materials: A room with many common objects

Instructions Drawing

Divide the class into small groups. One person from each group will randomly pick a piece of paper with a basic object on it from a bowl or hat. That person must describe how to draw that object, one line at a time, without ever telling their group members what they are drawing. Each group member must work silently and can only look at their own work. At the end, have each person show what they drew, and have the describer reveal what the object was supposed to be. The purpose of this is to show how every person in a group can hear instructions differently.

To expand on this, have the describer pick another slip of paper. They will once again try to instruct their group mates on how to draw this object one line at a time. This time, however, group members can talk to each other and reference each other's work, making this more of a team effort.

  • Materials: Slips of paper with random objects, paper, drawing supplies

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