Group Games to Boost Self-Esteem

Instructor: Tara Schofield

Tara has a PhD in Marketing & Management

Strengthening self-esteem is a critical aspect of the school experience for healthy children. This lesson is designed to encourage students in your classroom to find the positive in others and appreciate their own contributions in your class.

Encouraging Your Students

Helping your students appreciate each other and themselves can be challenging but extremely rewarding. As students learn to support and encourage each other, they can build a strong bond and help boost self-esteem. Three activities are presented below, two for younger students and one for older students. Use the games to emphasize the importance of learning more about each other and finding the good in other students.

Younger Kids

  • Just Like Me. This game encourages kids to interact with each other and learn how much alike they are. In a bingo type of layout, put pictures of traits they can find in common with other kids. For instance, one box may show animals. Each student will find another student that has something similar about animals, such as having a pet, liking the same animals, etc. Once they find a match, they write the student's name in their box. You can have the students continue until they either get a BINGO or they have their whole game board filled out. Emphasize the point that we are alike in many ways and we can be kind and nice to each other. No one needs to feel alone or left out because there are other students like them in the class.
  • We Like You. Ask each child to put their name on a piece of paper, then fold the paper in half and put it in a bowl or box. Select one and invite the child to stand up. Ask the other students to tell the student one thing they like about the child. The only rules are they can't repeat something that has already been said and everything must be positive and kind. As each child has a chance to say something encouraging, the child receiving the feedback can appreciate the positive traits that are recognized by the other students. Once everyone has said something positive, the student picks another paper from the name box and the process repeats for the next person. If the class is large, this activity may be divided into several sessions over the course of the week, such as the start of each day or right after lunch time.

Older Kids

The previous activities can be adjusted to fit older students. An additional activity is included that is targeted to more mature students.

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