Guided Reading Activities for 2nd Grade

Instructor: Tara Schofield

Tara has a PhD in Marketing & Management

Creating fun, interactive reading activities for 2nd graders can be challenging but can make a big difference in children's success. This lesson helps teachers create several fun activities for reading groups.

Creating Guided Reading Activities for 2nd Graders

Second grade is a pivotal year for students to embrace reading. They likely know many basic words but are not able to read much on their own or books with complex sentences. By using the activities in this lesson, you can enhance your students' reading ability and create a positive learning environment for your kids.

Group Size

Having groups that are too large will make it difficult to give all of the students a chance to participate. However, if you have a large class, you may need to have larger groups to facilitate the involvement of each child. Ideally, you want to have three groups, four if necessary. It's ideal to limit each group to five or six kids. Those numbers may not be possible if you have a large class. In that case, create more groups and increase the size of each group.

Activities Within the Group

When you work with individual reading groups, there are several key elements to discuss in the story:

  • Talk about the characters - Discuss each of the people in the story, the characteristics of each person, and how they relate to each other.
  • Set the stage - Discuss the purpose of the story, where the story takes place, the progression of the story, and other relevant factors.
  • Discuss key words: Determine which words should be recognizable by sight and review those words with the students. As the students read the story, have them identify the sight words. This helps with word recognition, recall, and vocabulary.
  • Review each page - Stop at the bottom of each page and talk about what happened on that page.
  • Follow up- Encourage the kids to draw a picture of their favorite part of the story either while they are together in the group or as an individual activity after the group has separated.
  • Put in missing words - Stop at portions of the story and read a sentence that is missing a word. Ask the kids which word is best in the sentence.

Strengthening Vocabulary

As the children read stories, there will be new vocabulary that can be introduced. Use the steps below to grow your students' language skills.

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