Guidelines for Using Instant and Text Messaging in the Workplace

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  • 1:38 Confidentiality
  • 1:59 Correct Language Usage
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Jennifer Lombardo
Companies are embracing alternative means of communication to increase profits and aid in delivering messages. Mobile messaging policies for instant and text messaging should be established to aid employees in their daily use.

Instant Text Messaging

Plastic Crapo is a toy manufacturer that has just launched a new sales force. The sales team was issued cool, new mobile cell phones. The team has been directed by top management to use modern means of communication to keep headquarters updated. The company feels that allowing employees to use alternative methods of communication will improve profits and the sales process.

Vice president of sales Elmo Block has issued a directive to all salespeople containing guidelines for the use of instant and text messaging in the workplace. He sent a brief email inviting the sales force to a training session at headquarters.

For those novice employees, Elmo's email starts with the basic definitions. Instant messaging (IM) is an online service where compatible software is used to communicate instantaneously. Text messaging, also known as short messaging service or texting, sends text communication to a mobile phone. Elmo's fun invitation stated that the session would cover basic guidelines for using instant and text messaging in the workplace.

The sales team arrived the following week and filed into the auditorium for Elmo's session. With grand fashion, Elmo entered the auditorium. 'Hey boys and girls, let's go over some important guidelines regarding instant messaging and texting before I send you off to your sales territory.' Elmo unveiled a giant toy block with the very first guideline.


As an employee, you need to keep confidential information confidential. This means that you should not text or IM any company information that could be of importance to competitors. You should also not discuss proprietary and secret information via mobile methods.

Correct Language Usage

Employees should use correct grammar, punctuation and word usage. This means that employees need to not use informal word choices or slang or spell words incorrectly. This creates an unprofessional environment and can also cause confusion in communicating. Employees should always remain professional in all business communication, whether traditional or mobile methods.

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