Guy Fawkes Activities & Games

Instructor: Sharon Linde

Sharon has an Masters of Science in Mathematics and a Masters in Education

This lesson helps students learn about Guy Fawkes through hands-on, interactive learning activities for whole and small groups. These activities and games are best used in middle school and above.

Teaching About Guy Fawkes

Though Guy Fawkes is a well-known figure in England, many American children have never heard of the man who conspired to blow up Parliament in 1605. The failure of his plot, known as the 'Gunpowder Plot,' is commemorated on November 5 in the United Kingdom with bonfires and fireworks celebrations.

This lesson offers some interesting activities to help your students better understand this historical figure after direct instruction.

Was He Guilty?

After teaching the story of Guy Fawkes, help students increase their understanding by hosting a mock trial. Having students get in the shoes of Fawkes and other key players sets the stage for some deep conversations.


  • Access to technology and the internet
  • Index cards
  • Prepared role cards for Fawkes, King James VI, Lord Monteagle, Robert Cecil, detectives, lawyers, judge and jury


  • Divide students into small groups and have them review and research the story of Guy Fawkes. Instruct them to focus on the investigation and trial. What evidence was found? Were there witnesses?
  • Ask students to gather facts about the actual crime, including evidence both for and against Fawkes.
  • Distribute index cards for students to record their research.
  • Randomly distribute prepared role cards and have students begin to prepare for the trial.
  • When ready, rearrange your classroom to resemble a courtroom and have students sit in the correct spots.
  • Begin the proceedings and allow students to offer evidence both for and against Fawkes.
  • When finished, allow the jury to confer before offering their verdict. Do your students come to the same conclusions? Why or why not?
  • End the activity by having students write an exit slip on their personal opinion. Is Fawkes guilty, or was he framed?

Wanted - Guy Fawkes!

Many students, especially those who are visual learners, will love this activity. Creating a wanted poster is a great way to have students show what they know in a creative way.


  • Large construction paper
  • Colored pencils
  • Examples of wanted posters
  • Access to technology, the internet and printers
  • Scissors
  • Glue

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