Halloween ESL Activities & Games

Instructor: Jacob Compton

Jacob has taught ESL in three Asian countries and has a master's degree in education.

This lesson goes over some fun Halloween activities that you can do in class to celebrate with your students. The activities some of the activities can tie into previous lessons. These activities are good for both adult and child learners of ESL.

Fun with Halloween

It's Halloween, and your students know what the holiday is. Though they may not celebrate it in their own country, they know that you probably do in yours. So what kind of activities could you do for them to celebrate the spookiest time of year? This lesson will give you some suggestions for games and activities you can do with your ESL students.

Halloween Activities


There's nothing wrong with a scary movie on Halloween, but maybe you say 'that this is a classroom and your students should be learning.' Not a problem, turn the movie into a listening activity. Give your ESL students a worksheet with questions about the movie that they have to answer. Questions like 'Where does the vampire sleep?' or 'What does the full moon cause the werewolf to do?' You should probably keep the order of the questions consistent with the events of the movie, so it will be easier for them.

You'll want to choose your movie based on the age of your students. You wouldn't want to show something too scary to a group of elementary school students, and at the same time, adult learners may want something scarier for their Halloween movie.

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