Halloween Short Story Writing Prompts

Instructor: Abigail Cook
Halloween can be a fun writing topic that inspires a lot of creative ideas. This lesson will include some ideas of writing prompts for your students to create their own spooky stories.

Halloween Writing

Halloween is a favorite holiday among young children. It is a time where they can be creative, use their imagination, and participate in festivities by dressing up and going to Halloween parties. For this reason, it is a great creative writing topic to use in class during the month of October. Whether you want to have students do a quick five-minute writing task or develop a story, the ideas in this lesson will encourage your students to be inventive and original in their writing.

Implementing Prompts

Many of the ideas in this lesson are geared towards students in first through sixth grade, but any of these prompts could be adapted to fit more advanced writers. You may implement these prompts in a variety of ways. Here is a brief list of ideas.

  • Select one prompt and write it on the board. Give students ten minutes to write as much as they can.
  • Have each student start out with a prompt of their choosing. After writing for five minutes, have them switch papers with someone in their class. Each student has to pick up the story where their peer left off.
  • Write the prompts on strips of paper and put them in a jar. Pass the jar around the class and have each student pick one prompt randomly. Whatever prompt they select will be their writing topic.
  • Have students draw a Halloween picture. Mix them up and pass them out to the class randomly. Students must choose a prompt that matches the picture and use the image as the basis for their story.

Story Starters

The ideas in this section are meant to be the first sentence and basic idea for a story. Students will write the prompt on their page, finish the sentence, and continue their story from there.

Imaginative Stories

These stories require students to be creative in their ideas and language. The more description and detail they can include, the more captivating their story will be.

  • As I walked into the haunted house, the door creaked as it closed behind me….
  • I got a creepy feeling when I saw…
  • Something in the closet made an eerie noise, so I opened the door and…
  • The witch was brewing something purple in her cauldron, and it started to boil when…
  • Suddenly I turned around and…
  • The black cat turned into a…
  • I was out trick-or-treating, when all of a sudden…
  • The wizard was creating a new monster that could…
  • I was walking home on Halloween, when all of a sudden my candy turned into…
  • You may not believe it, but here's how it happened…
  • It was a clear Halloween night when…
  • The moon was shining over my neighborhood, lighting up the street until…

Personal Stories

Personal stories allow students to recall past experiences, family traditions, or fun memories that they want to share. Although their ideas may not be original, you can request creative wording, detail, and descriptions to help them practice creative writing techniques.

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