Helen of Troy Lesson for Kids: Story & Biography

Instructor: Elizabeth Diehl

Elizabeth studied to be a special education teacher at Regis University, and received her masters in 2014.

If she were alive today, men would be trying to get Helen of Troy to marry them and she would be winning all the beauty pageants. Let's learn about her and how she inspired people to fight to their death to love her.

Helen in History

Do you love a good adventure story with brave battles and fair maidens to rescue? Do you love to read fairy tales about beautiful princesses? Then Helen of Troy is a great lady for you to meet! Helen of Troy is a famous character who found herself in the middle of a big mess. Let's learn about this famous legend.

Helen was a character in ancient Greek mythology. Her story is part of famous epics (long poems about legendary heroes) such as The Iliad. Many poets, playwrights, and authors across time have been inspired to write their own stories about Helen. A famous poet wrote that Helen's face 'launched a thousand ships' in one of his poems. He meant that a lot of people jumped to action just because Helen was beautiful.

Who was Helen?

The ancient Greeks believed that the great king of the gods, Zeus, was her father and her mother was Leda, the queen of Sparta. In many stories, Helen hatches out of an egg, like a baby bird! Since Helen was the daughter of a god, she was extra beautiful. She grew up as a princess and lived with her siblings and parents in Sparta. When it was time for Helen to get married, her parents invited all the available princes and heroes to come. The man who brought the nicest gifts and could promise the best future for Helen would be the winner of Helen's hand in marriage and become the king of Sparta.

Menelaus won, and he and Helen were soon married. While Menelaus thought Helen was wonderful and Helen thought Menelaus was nice, she was not in love with him. They lived for a while as a pretty happy couple. Then Helen met Paris.

Paris and Helen

This vase shows the moment that Paris first met Helen.
helen and paris

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