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  • 0:04 Preschoolers With Emotions
  • 0:35 Lessons About Emotions
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Elizabeth Hemmons

Beth has taught early childhood education, including students with special needs, for the past 11 years. She has a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education.

Sadness, happiness, anger, anxiety and shyness are all common emotions for preschoolers. In this lesson, we discuss how to help preschoolers cope with these emotions and handle them appropriately.

Preschoolers with Emotions

Preschoolers are sensitive little people who can feel a wide range of emotions over the course of a day. Their experiences with emotions are very important because it helps shape who they are. Because they're so young, most of them lack the emotional maturity that helps them cope with everyday problems. Emotional maturity is your ability to understand, manage, and deal with emotions. Using strategies can help preschoolers not only learn more about the types of emotions that they have, but learn how to handle them in certain situations.

Lessons About Emotions

Introducing emotions is important because some children may have never had experiences with certain emotions. Sharing examples of situations will help children relate to them. Here are some easy ways to discuss emotions with students.

  • Read and discuss books about emotions
  • Listen to music about emotions
  • Use an emotions chart to help kids share what they are feeling
  • Create a feelings notebook to write or draw about certain feelings
  • Play feelings face games to show what our faces look like when feeling certain emotions
  • Use an emotion spinner wheel to pass around and provide examples of emotions

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