Henry Ford Games & Activities

Instructor: Matthew Hamel

Matt has degrees in Journalism and Business and has taught a variety of courses at high schools and universities around the world.

Industrialist Henry Ford made significant contributions to manufacturing and the American workforce. In this lesson, teachers will acquire classroom games and activities designed to help students learn about the life and work of this famous automobile magnate.

Henry Ford

Henry Ford was a giant of manufacturing and industrial progress. Even people who know nothing about the man know the cars and processes he pioneered more than a hundred years ago. The games and activities in this lesson are intended to complement a larger unit about Ford and his significant contributions. Because of this, it's important for students to have a working knowledge of the man in order to get the most out of these activities.

Improve It

Perhaps Ford's most important contribution is the popularization of the assembly line. The assembly line, in which different individuals assemble a product piece by piece at different stations, allowed for mass production, which in turn lowered the cost of goods and increased the speed at which they could be produced. Producing products for less money and at greater speed allowed previously unobtainable products, like the automobile, to be affordable enough for average people to obtain.

In this activity, students will use the concept of Ford's assembly line to suggest improvements to a system currently utilized in school. For example, students could figure out a way to make the lunch line move faster or how to increase the efficiency of the bus pick-up and drop-off procedure. This activity works best in small groups so that students can share ideas and collaborate.

  1. Divide students into small groups and explain the goal of the activity.
  2. Give students time to develop their ideas and finalize a plan to improve a specific process. The final plan should include some type of visual aid such as a schematic or other type of drawing.
  3. Once the plans are complete, have one student from each team present the group's idea to the class.

Ford - True or False?

This fun quiz will test student knowledge of Ford through a series of true or false questions. Feel free to add your own questions to the ones provided below.

  1. Henry Ford invented the car.
  2. Ford was born in England and his family moved to the United States when he was three years old.
  3. Henry Ford worked for Thomas Edison.
  4. Ford's first car was called the Model T.
  5. After becoming a certified machinist, Ford's first job was repairing steam engines.
  6. Ford died on April 7, 1951.
  7. Ford expressed anti-Semitic opinions and received an award from the Nazi party in 1938.
  8. During World Wars I and II Ford refused to help America's war efforts because he was a pacifist.
  9. Ford was married and divorced three times.
  10. There are only two known pictures of Ford because he hated having his picture taken.

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