Hexagon Lesson for Kids: Definition & Facts

Instructor: Chrishell Lewis

Chrishell has taught in the K-12 setting and college enviorment . She has an Ed.S in curriculum and instruction.

A hexagon is a polygon that has six sides and six angles. In this lesson, you'll learn how to identify a hexagon, including the different types, as well as where to find some examples in everyday life.

Can It Be a Polygon?

Shapes, shapes, and more shapes of all sizes and types are found in our world. If you look a little closer, you'll see that many of these shapes have sides and angles. A shape with many sides is called a polygon. We identify polygons according to the number of angles and sides they have.

Is a Hexagon a Polygon?

A hexagon is a polygon that is made up of six lines and six angles. Often times, the lines are called sides. That's why you may see a hexagon described as a 6-sided polygon.

Hexagons are Polygons
Hex 1

Are There Different Types of Hexagons?

Did you know that not all hexagons are the same? In fact, there are four types of hexagons: regular, irregular, concave and convex hexagons.

There Are Different Kinds of Hexagons
Hex 4

A simple way to remember the difference is to keep in mind that the six sides and six angles of a regular hexagon are all the same. However, in an irregular hexagon, the lines are not all the same size. A concave hexagon has one inside angle called an interior angle that is greater than 180 degrees. A convex hexagon has inside angles that are less than 180 degrees.

Where Do We Find Hexagons in the Real World?

Hexagon shapes are used in many ways. A common usage of hexagons is in pictures and art that require patterns. For example, take a look at this quilt made of hexagons. What do you notice?

Hexagons Can Be Found in Quilts
Hex 2

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