Hibernation and Migration Activities

Instructor: Grace Pisano

Grace has a bachelor's degree in history and a master's degree in teaching. She previously taught high school in several states around the country.

After learning about the winter patterns of some animals, use these activities on hibernation and migration to reinforce key concepts and prompt critical thinking with your elementary school students.

Hibernation and Migration

In general, elementary students love to learn about things that involve animals. With this in mind, students will love to do additional activities after learning about the hibernation and migration patterns of many animals. These activities will fit into a winter-themed lesson or as an independent science lesson. The activities were designed with elementary students in mind who are able to read and write somewhat independently.

Migration vs. Hibernation

For this activity, students will compare and contrast habits of migrating and hibernating animals. Begin by having students fill in the following chart. This can be done as a group or after a small group discussion, or it can be completed independently.

Hibernating Animals Migrating Animals
List of five animals
Reason they hibernate or migrate
Part of the world where they normally live
Other important information about these animals

Feel free to add any other relevant comparison factors you want students to examine.

After completing the chart, students will write a paragraph that answers the following questions: ''Why do some animals migrate while others hibernate? From your research, what helps determine what an animal will do?''

After students have written their responses, allow them to share their thoughts with their classmates.

  • Materials Needed: Copy paper, computer or tablet for research (optional)

Reading About and Experiencing Hibernation

This activity focuses on what happens during hibernation. Begin by selecting a book on hibernation. There are many, many great choices for elementary aged students. If you are having trouble selecting a book, work with a school or local librarian to select the right one for your students.

After reading the book, talk with students about some of the things the animal experienced during hibernation.

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