Hinduism Lesson for Kids: Facts & Basic Beliefs

Instructor: Jennifer Lowery

Jennifer has taught elementary levels K-3 and has master's degrees in elementary education and curriculum/instruction and educational leadership.

Hinduism is a collection of religious beliefs, practiced by millions of followers around the world. In this lesson, learn how and where Hinduism emerged, and find out about this religion's major beliefs, practices, and celebrations.

Holy Indian River

In order to learn about Hinduism, you'll need to travel back in time nearly 4,000 years to India and the Indus River. Hinduism emerged as a collection of beliefs from different religions that were practiced around this large body of water. Many people believed that the waters of the river were holy, and even now, the Indus River is regarded as sacred by Hindus.

There is no single founder or prophet associated with Hinduism, unlike other major religions such as Christianity and Islam. However, hundreds of millions of people all over the world practice Hinduism; let's find out about some of their ideas and practices.

Hindu Gods

Hindus believe in three main gods, called a trinity. The first god of the trinity is Brahma, who is the creator of all things. Vishnu is the preserver, and he protects everything in the universe. The third god is Shiva (pronounced shee-vuh), who is the destroyer. Each of these gods has different names or versions, called incarnations. One famous incarnation of Vishnu is Krishna (pronounced krish-nuh), who represents love and beauty.

Shiva, the Hindu destroyer god


Would you like to go to a Hindu festival? There are several throughout the year that you can choose from! The most well-known Hindu festival is called Diwali (pronounced dih-wah-lee); it is celebrated for five days and often called the 'Festival of Lights.' During this celebration, Hindus light lamps to the goddess Lakshmi (luhksh-mee), who represents wealth. They give gifts to one another and enjoy special meals. Evenings are often spent watching dancing and fireworks displays.

Diwali dancers celebrate the festival of light.

Where to Worship

There are many temples available for Hindus to worship. These temples are called mandirs (pronounced man-deers), and they can be very small and simple or very large and elaborate. The temples are always open, so a Hindu can stop in anytime to worship and pray. Hindus often have areas in their homes that are used for worship as well.

A Hindu temple in India

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