Hispanic Culture Project Ideas

Instructor: Christopher Muscato

Chris has a master's degree in history and teaches at the University of Northern Colorado.

To study Hispanic culture, it's great to expose students to creative and hands-on projects. These ideas will help you expand on lessons about Hispanic culture and provide some engaging ways to learn about it.

Hispanic Culture

For many students, studying culture is a lot of fun but can also feel stale if the instruction is based too much in lectures. Culture, after all, is meant to be experienced. These projects will give you some options for letting students explore Hispanic culture in engaging and interactive ways. The projects are designed to be easily adaptable for various grade levels and can also be incorporated into Spanish-language classes with minor adjustments. It is also recommended that you attempt to pair these with hands-on exposure to Hispanic culture, whether that be attending an Hispanic arts museum or culture center, talking to people in the community, or even watching a film. Finally, please note that these projects focus on Hispanic culture as it appears in Spain, but can be easily adapted to explore the cultures of the larger Hispano-influenced world.

Living Diorama Project

Divide the class into small groups. Assign each group a part of Spain, or a certain time of year/festival/setting. In their groups, students are going to research Hispanic culture and learn everything they can about their assigned element. They are then going to design a living diorama, in which they will set up a large-scale scene and pose as the people within it. On the day of their performance, the group will set up its scene, distribute a brochure that explains the elements of the scene, and then hold their poses. The class will have two minutes to walk around this scene and explore the elements of the diorama. Then, the next group will set up their scene. Depending on time and resources, students can either set this up using desks and supplies in the classroom, or you can ask them to make costumes, props, a setting, etc.

  • Materials: Reference materials on Hispanic culture, paper for brochures, art and craft supplies as desired

Writing Projects

As a way to explore Hispanic culture, students are going to write either a fictional travelogue describing a journey through Spain or a guidebook for travelers to Spain. In either case, students will begin by researching Hispanic culture, including customs, behaviors, greetings, important phrases, and ideas about time and personal space as well as major landmarks, festivals, and traditions. Students will then write out their travelogue or guidebook, considering the conventions of that genre, and share their work in peer groups.

  • Materials: Reference materials on Hispanic culture, writing materials

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