Holes Chapters 48-50 Summaries

Instructor: Shelley Vessels

Shelley has taught at the middle school level for 10 years and has a master's degree in teaching English.

The final chapters of 'Holes' tie up all the loose ends for readers. The tide turns for both the Yelnats and Zeroni families, and the Warden gets what she deserves.

Previously in Chapters 44-48 of Holes by Louis Sachar

Stanley and Zero return to Camp Green Lake to dig up Kate Barlow's treasure in order to have money when they officially become fugitives. While digging in the middle of the night, they discover a large metal suitcase, and just as they are to break it free the Warden and the counselors appear.

Needless to say, the Warden is pleased with their discovery of the suitcase, but couldn't care less about seeing that Stanley and Zero made it out of the desert without becoming buzzard food. She even watched and waited as a group of deadly lizards crawled all over the boys; she even planned on what to do after they passed.

Chapter 48: Ms. Morengo Saves the Day

Despite the Warden's protests, both Stanley and Zero are released to Ms. Morengo, Stanley's lawyer. Stanley is a free man because he was found innocent, and Zero's files curiously couldn't be located. The Warden tries all her tricks, but in the end, the boys are released, along with the suitcase.

Because of everything the Attorney General witnessed at Camp Green Lake, there will be a complete investigation in the future.

Chapter 49: Onions and Peaches

Flashback: Yellow-spotted Lizard Repellent

It is revealed through a story of Sam, the onion picker, that he once gave onion juice to rattlesnake hunters to repel the vicious yellow-spotted lizards. Sam even gave the men a guarantee that it would work; he knew that the lizards didn't like onion blood.


The boys are driving with Ms. Morengo away from Camp Green Lake, and she tells them that she's actually a patent attorney who's working on patenting one of Stanley's father's inventions. With a little investigation, she concluded that based on eye-witness accounts, Stanley couldn't have stolen the sneakers. Zero confessed to her that he did, but she advised him not to ever say that again.

While Stanley's father didn't have success with his shoe recycler, he had invented a foot odor product that smelled of familiar sweet peaches. Ms. Morengo gave it to the boys to use right then because, as she put it, they should 'bathe in it.'

As they drove away from Camp Green Lake, the first drops of rain fell in years.

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