Holes Chapters 5-8 Summaries

Instructor: Shelley Vessels

Shelley has taught at the middle school level for 10 years and has a master's degree in teaching English.

Life sure is interesting for Stanley Yelnats at Camp Green Lake. Even though he's trying to getting used to his new life at the juvenile detention center, his mind can't escape what brought him there in the first place: The Yelnats Family Curse.

Previously in Holes by Louis Sachar

Stanley Yelnats, one in a long line of unlucky Stanley Yelnatses, was unjustly committed to a juvenile detention center, Camp Green Lake, for stealing shoes.

Chapter 5: Meet the Campers

Mr. Pendanski, a younger and much nicer counselor than Mr. Sir, brings Stanley to meet his fellow campers. Although each has a nickname, Mr. Pendanski insists on calling each one by the name that society will know them by. Some of the wise guys of the camp repay him for his kindness by calling him 'mom.'

The campers Stanley meets are: X-Ray (Rex), Squid (Alan), Magnet (Jose), Armpit (Theodore), Zigzag (Ricky), and Zero. While Stanley doesn't meet Barf Bag (Lewis), he gets to hear enough about him and share the cot that he once slept on.

Chapter 6: Sweet Feet

Stanley gets used to being at the camp: the cold showers, the inedible meals, and the campers. He tells the other campers that he is there because he stole a pair of sneakers from a famous baseball player, Clyde 'Sweet Feet' Livingston, but they don't believe him. In fact, Stanley was innocent of the crime, and simply the victim of his family's curse. The sneakers were to be auctioned off for charity, and instead they were thrown from an overpass and landed on Stanley's head. Stanley didn't know where they came from but he thought his father could use them in his latest invention so he grabbed them and started running home. On the way an officer arrested him for theft.

Once convicted, the judge advised the Yelnatses to take the opportunity to send Stanley to Camp Green Lake instead of prison because Camp openings do not come up often.

Chapter 7: The First Hole and Madame Zeroni

Stanley is led out to dig his first hole. He is told that he isn't digging to find anything; he is digging to build character. However, if he does find something, he is to report it right away. If the Warden likes what is found, Stanley will get the rest of the day off.

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