Holland Facts: Lesson for Kids

Instructor: Jennifer Lowery

Jennifer has taught elementary levels K-3 and has master's degrees in elementary education and curriculum/instruction and educational leadership.

Holland is a European region with many unique features. In this lesson, explore the history, landscape, and culture of the region that is located inside the Netherlands' borders.

The Low Land

'Holland' is a word used to describe a specific region in a country called the Netherlands in Europe. The region is actually made up of two provinces, which are kind of like states. Just like the US has 50 states, the Netherlands has 12 provinces. North Holland and South Holland are two of those provinces.

The capital of the Netherlands is Amsterdam and it is located in North Holland.

North and South Holland are regions that are part of the European country of the Netherlands.
Netherlands Map

Geography and Climate

When people think of Europe, sand dunes and flat land probably aren't the first things that come to mind. But that describes much of the land found in both North and South Holland. The name 'Netherlands' roughly means ''low-lying land.'' Miles of coastlines border the North Sea, and the inside of the country contains numerous lakes and rivers.

If you don't mind curling up with a good book on a cloudy day, Holland's weather might be just right for you! The summers are cool and winters are not extremely harsh. Each season experiences rainfall and on most days, the skies are at least partly cloudy.


Holland's early history includes being ruled by many different counts, who were noblemen of power and wealth. Eventually in the early 1800s, Holland was ruled by the French. The famous French leader Napoleon worked to develop Holland into a kingdom. In 1813, Holland was again a part of the Netherlands and several years later, it was divided into North Holland and South Holland, as it is still today.


Have you heard of something being described as Dutch? Dutch is the language spoken in Holland and it is also the word used to describe something or someone coming from Holland.

Are you a fan of pastries? Dutch dishes include sweet treats like cookies and deep-fried pastries. There are a few areas of the region that still wear traditional Dutch clothing during festivals and traditional holidays. One unofficial symbol of Holland is the wooden clog shoes that used to be a part of the traditional Dutch outfit. These clogs are called klompen and are made entirely of wood. Now you can buy them as souvenirs if you visit!

Many wooden klompen are decorated with elaborate paintings.
Clogs from Holland

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