Hospitality Industry: Trends & Technology

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Savannah Samoszuk

Savannah has over eight years of hotel management experience and has a master's degree in leadership.

The hospitality industry is a vast industry that is ever changing. We will discuss some trends in the industry and the technology that is driving these trends.

Changes in the Hospitality Industry

Once upon a time, a physical metal key was needed to open the door to a hotel room. Nowadays, in some hotels you can open your room with your phone, showing just how much the hospitality industry has changed and continues to change. What are the current trends, or the general direction of changes, in the hospitality industry? The main driver of trends right now is technology. There are new devices and apps that are coming out daily that are changing the way restaurants, hotels, airlines, and cruises are doing business. Technology is also increasing competition in the industry as it is used by travelers who themselves are changing.

Increase in Mobile Technology

Almost everyone has a mobile device, if not two or three. The rapidly evolving use of mobile technology is a trend that the hospitality industry is working to keep up with. Travelers want to be able to book their flight, car, and hotel room all from their smartphones using the Internet or an application. This has led the hospitality industry to change to more Internet and mobile bookings versus traditional phone bookings. For example, Mr. Smith is a frequent traveler who travels eight months out of the year. There is a good chance that he books all of his flights, car rentals, and hotels through his smartphone due to the amount of time he is on the road.

The hospitality industry is following the mobile trend and adding it into their everyday operations. For example, some hotels have kiosks that enable you to check in using a smartphone. Hotels also use mobile technology for housekeeping to communicate faster. Restaurants are integrating mobile technology to allow for mobile ordering and payment. They are also using the technology to increase their efficiency. Some fast-food restaurants have team members in the drive-through handling mobile orders to speed up the flow during peak times.

More Competition

A new trend in the hospitality industry is the rapid growth of the industry itself. It seems like there are new hotels and restaurants opening every day. This means more competition for everyone. In some markets there are more hotels than demand, even in their busy season. This makes every establishment fight even harder for their business.

Another trend that has developed over the past decade or so is the increase in vacation rentals, such as Airbnb, that are taking away from the hotels' share of business. Vacation rental websites and apps allow people to rent out their houses to visitors. This increases the competition as well as providing more options for travelers than just a standard hotel room.

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