How a New Product is Adopted by Consumers

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: John McLaughlin
In this lesson, you will learn the five stages consumers go through to determine whether or not to adopt a product that is new to the marketplace. You will also learn why it is important for companies introducing new products to understand the adoption process their customers use.

The Consumer Adoption Process

Have you heard about the new chewing gum that turns your hair green? It's called GreenThum Gum. You can't buy it in a store yet, but you can get it off the company's website. They claim that all you have to do is chew GreenThum Gum for three days and your hair will turn bright green! Don't you want to try it? Actually, no one has invented a gum that turns your hair green - not yet, anyway. But, what if someone does? What process would you go through to decide if you wanted to try the gum one time or start chewing the gum regularly?

The Five Stages of Adoption

The consumer adoption process is a five-stage process that consumers use to evaluate new products. Through this process, consumers will decide whether to reject or adopt the new product offering. A new product that does not meet a consumer's demand can be rejected at any of the five stages:

  • Awareness (introduction stage): This is the stage when consumers first learn about the new product but don't yet have all the information. For example, you found out about GreenThum Gum because someone told you about it, but you probably still have many questions about the product. Does it really work? What does it cost? Where would I buy it? How long does your hair stay green?
  • Interest (information-gathering stage): This is the stage of the adoption process when consumers seek information about the new product. You might ask your friends if they've heard about GreenThum Gum or do an Internet search to try to find out more about it. Some consumers never make it to this early stage of the consumer adoption process. A bald person, for example, would have no interest in GreenThum Gum.
  • Evaluation (consideration stage): At this stage of the adoption process, the consumer has gathered enough information to determine if he wants to try this product or not. During the evaluation process, the consumer decides if the benefits are worth the cost. A friend tells you he knew someone who chewed GreenThum Gum for two weeks with no results, and you find out that GreenThum Gum costs $20 a pack. You now have to decide if you want to try the new product or not.
  • Trial (sampling stage): A consumer who gets to this stage of the adoption process has decided that the new product might suit his or her needs and makes the effort to try the product. You buy two packs of GreenThum Gum, chew it for two weeks and your hair turns bright green. You love your new look, and a lot of your friends ask you where they can buy GreenThum Gum.
  • Adoption/Rejection (buy or not buy stage): At this stage of the adoption process, the consumer decides if the product has value or not. If the consumer does not find value in the product, he or she will not buy it again. If the product gives the consumer value or solves a problem, they will likely become a repeat customer. At this stage, you decide that GreenThum Gum was fun to try but it's too expensive, and you like your natural hair color better than green anyway. Although it was fun to try, you reject GreenThum Gum and do not buy it again.

How Marketers Use the Adoption Process

Marketers must provide enough information to the consumer to move them from awareness to adoption.
Marketers Adoption Process

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