How CRM Can Improve Internal Communication

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Savannah Samoszuk

Savannah has over eight years of hotel management experience and has a master's degree in leadership.

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems are a centralized location where customer information can be recorded electronically. They can greatly improve a business's ability to communicate internally.

CRM and Internal Communication

Customer relationship management (CRM) can improve an organization's internal communications in several ways. Have you ever worked in an environment where communication lacked and you felt that you never knew what was going on? This is where CRM comes in. CRM tracks all the communication related to customer experiences or requests, streamlines this communication so that it's easily accessible in an accurate and timely format, and fosters easy communication between departments. Ultimately, using CRM can improve internal communication and may lead to both higher employee and customer satisfaction.

Track Communication Easily

Valerie works the front desk at a hotel, and at the beginning of her shift she checks the CRM system for all incoming guests to make sure she is prepared. She notices in the CRM system that Mr. Smith called in this morning and spoke to a colleague to request an early check-in. Valerie was able to communicate this need to the housekeeping team so they could get his room ready early, and when he arrived he was able to check in.

This is a great example of how using a CRM system can track customer communication and allow team members to utilize that information to be prepared and handle guests requests. CRM helps to make internal communication easier by tracking it and making it accessible to all employees who need it in a centralized location.

Streamline Communication

Another way CRM improves internal communication is by providing a way to communicate accurately and in a timely manner. Let's say James works at a franchised restaurant that has locations in different states. While serving a regular customer, he discovers that the customer has a fish allergy. James wants to make sure that any time this customer dines at any of the restaurants everyone on staff knows he has a fish allergy. James sends an email to all of the other restaurant managers but fears that the information will not be relayed to all team members. Using a CRM system would have allowed James to add this information to the customer's profile so that all of the restaurants this customer might visit would know each time he dined that he has a fish allergy.

Break Department Communication Barriers

Many customer service operations face barriers of communication between departments. Whether the cause is related to company size or simply poor communication, CRM can be an effective tool to improve internal communication. CRM allows all departments to add comments and notes related to customer interactions to ensure that each department has all the information it requires, as needed.

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