How Customer Service Managers Set Goals

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  • 0:03 Customer Service Goals
  • 0:50 Criteria for Goals
  • 2:25 Ensuring Success
  • 2:58 Reviewing & Adapting Goals
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Yuanxin (Amy) Yang Alcocer

Amy has a master's degree in secondary education and has taught math at a public charter high school.

In this lesson, you'll learn the criteria that successful customer service goals need to meet. You'll also see how these goals are chosen and then adapted as circumstances change.

Customer Service Goals

Think back to the last time you had to call a customer service department for help. Perhaps it was about why your cell phone wasn't connecting to the internet. Did you like the experience or were there things that could be improved upon? Did you have to repeat your problem every time you were transferred?

Now, picture yourself on the other end of the phone call. What if you were the customer service agent handling the call? How do you feel? Do you feel that you're doing a good job? Is there anything helping you to be the best customer service agent?

This is where customer service goals comes into the picture. These goals are objectives that customer service agents are aiming for. These are goals that are set by the customer service manager for the team or department. These goals aim to increase the quality of the customer service experience.

Criteria for Goals

If you were the customer service manager, you can't just set any old goal for your team of agents. For your goal to be successful, they must follow four criteria.

First, each goal must be challenging. The goal can't be so easy that it doesn't require any effort to reach it. There can be no growth without effort. Second, each goal must be realistic. While you can't set goals that are too easy, your goals can't be unattainable either. Your goals must be realistic so that with more effort they can be reached. Third, each goal must be customer-focused. Because you're in the customer service department, your goals must always focus on the customer. Your department's success is dependent on customer experiences and how satisfied they are with them. And, lastly, each goal must be quantifiable. For your goal to be successful, you must have a way to measure it. You'll also have to decide how you'll determine when the goal has been reached and is successful.

Okay, let's look at an example goal that meets all these criteria.

Phone Customers Should Be Transferred No More than Once

In a customer service department with many agents, some new and some with more experience, it can be easy to transfer customers to another representative that has more experience. So this goal is challenging to new agents as they become more familiar with how the company operates. This goal is also realistic as all agents have and should know the same information. This goal is definitely customer-focused. It's also quantifiable as you can record the number of times a customer has been transferred in customer notes.

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