How HR Encourages Employee Knowledge & Continuous Learning

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  • 0:00 Right Fit for the Right Job
  • 1:07 Learning & Employee Engagement
  • 2:52 HR & Learning
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Stephanie Lynne Mugnano
The purpose of this lesson is to explain how human resources must continuously provide development and learning opportunities in order to increase employee engagement and help the organization achieve its goals.

Right Fit for the Right Job

Gary was hired at Hammer and Nail Hardware Company as a warehouse employee. He had been with the company for over two years and had received excellent performance reviews. He began to feel his job was no longer a challenge and wanted to move on to something different within the company to broaden his skills. Gary's supervisor, Nicole, noticed his lack of motivation and began to worry that he might leave.

Nicole decided to have a meeting with Gary to find out if she can help him become engaged in his work again. He mentioned that he had become complacent in the warehouse and would like to try a job at the store working with customers. Nicole remembered all the times she had witnessed Gary's pleasant and helpful attitude with employees and customers when he assisted them with large items to their vehicles. She also thought about the low customer service score that Hammer and Nail Hardware Company received in the last six months and told Gary she would speak with human resources (HR) to honor his request. In this lesson, we'll look at how a move like Gary's can increase employee engagement and help an organization to meet its goals.

Learning & Employee Engagement

HR has a responsibility to ensure that the development of the employees is ongoing. This, in turn, helps the performance of the organization. Employees that become complacent in their jobs, like Gary, can become disengaged and seek another job elsewhere. Employee engagement is a strategy that businesses need to secure a competitive advantage. Organizations strive to have engaged employees, and they understand that a considerable amount of resources have to be invested in order achieve this. One way HR can help an organization with employee engagement is to develop employees through assessments and learning that will benefit both the employee and organization.

For an HR department to implement a successful plan to keep employees engaged and performance high, it needs to:

  • Maintain an ongoing assessment of employees for their strengths and job preferences
  • Seek meaningful and challenging job opportunities that align with employee and organizational goals
  • Provide an assessment for future needs and plan development and learning opportunities that help both the organization and employees
  • Remember an assessment that the right job is based on more than just experience of the individual
  • Give employees continuous feedback on job performance

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