How The Grinch Stole Christmas Activities & Games

Instructor: Maria Airth

Maria has taught University level psychology and mathematics courses for over 20 years. They have a Doctorate in Education from Nova Southeastern University, a Master of Arts in Human Factors Psychology from George Mason University and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Flagler College.

''How the Grinch Stole Christmas'' is a classic story that children of all ages can enjoy. This lesson offers games and activities appropriate for all students. The activities range from very active to quiet, thoughtful projects.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

What a wonderful, whimsical story is Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas. The message of love and unity is strong throughout the book. The reaction of the Whos on Christmas morning is so contrary to present day cultural standard as to almost be confronting to the audience. For this reason, this book is great for review by both young and more mature students.

This lesson offers activities and games designed for a wide age range of students. The activities are organized based on level of activity and age appropriateness. Enjoy taking a deeper look at this classic Christmas story with these activities.

Active Games

These games are designed to get your students up and moving. You may enjoy using these activities on a day near the holidays when students begin to get restless. The activities are appropriate for any age group, but may need to be tweaked for very young students.

The Grinch Is It

  • Materials: You will need a few boxes, wrapped as presents.
  • Preparation: None
  • Instructions: Pile the presents in the middle of the room. Choose a student to be the Grinch; the rest of the students will be Whos. All the Whos should lay down around the pile of presents and close their eyes (pretending to be asleep). The Grinch must try to sneak to the middle of the Whos and steal the presents. If the Grinch touches a Who and wakes him/her up, that Who has caught the Grinch and gets to switch roles.

Act it Out

  • Materials: Multiple scripts depending on how detailed you'd like the play to be.
  • Preparation: Costumes if you wish.
  • Instructions: This activity can be as in depth or casual as you wish to make it. The most formal activity is to assign roles to students with the goal of actually performing a play based on the book. If you don't have the time to conduct an activity this detailed, you can assign small scenes to groups of students to act out in front of the whole class.

Quiet Activities

These quiet activities are designed for students to complete on their own, in their own work space. They can fit into standing curriculum outcomes due to the nature of the product of each activity. All are able to be adjusted to suit all age groups and abilities.

Design It

  • Materials: Large art paper per student.
  • Preparation: Have students review the sections of the book that deal with the possible presents expected by the Whos.
  • Instructions: Tell the students that they are being hired to design a new toy that would appeal to the Who children. They should include some planning notes on the back of their paper and then draw a detailed, annotated design of their toy. Don't forget to name it!

What's for Dinner?

  • Materials: none
  • Preparation: Have students review the closing Who feast.
  • Instructions: Ask students to think of their own families and friends. What would they normally have for a special holiday feast? What would they wish to have? Ask students to create a detailed menu for their own feast. Older students may be asked to include ingredient lists and recipes to make it more challenging.

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