How the Internet Works for Kids

Instructor: Candice Case

Candice teaches 1st grade and has a Master's Degree in Elementary Education.

This lesson will explain how the internet uses connections, hardware, and servers to connect us to people and information all over the world! We'll see how people send and receive information on the internet, and learn different ways to receive messages.

Internet Everywhere

While at the computer lab at school, your teacher decides to everyone have free time to play games. The most popular game is ' Monster Taco Truck,' which your classmates log into with their email addresses. You look around, and everyone is playing the game, running into each other and competing against each other to deliver the most virtual tacos. Do you ever wonder how everyone in class is able to play this game at the same time? Or how you can go home after school, log onto the same game, and have the same user experience? This is all thanks to the internet.

The internet is all around us, from your school to the library to your neighborhood. Your favorite toy store likely has a website that you can pre-order the latest action figures. Your mom could even place a take out order for pizza on her smartphone from an app from the pizza parlor, all without ever talking to a real person.

The internet connects us to people everywhere.


The internet is actually a network. A network is a bunch of computers that are connected together to transfer information from place to place. These connections extend all over the globe in a variety of ways. There are wireless radio connections, copper cables, fiber-optic cables, and satellite links that help transmit information from computer to computer.

The internet also needs hardware to operate. This hardware can include a lot of different things, such as cables, computers, smartphones, central processing units, and hard drives, to name just a few. Hardware also serves as the end point of the communication line.

Message Service and More

The internet is the fastest message service that we have available. It operates kind of like the post office. You type in the address of who you want a message to go to, and because the destination has an address your message will go to the right to the place. This can be accomplished in several ways. There's instant messaging services, email, message boards, and social networking. We can reply to people and have them see our messages instantly! The internet is also useful for search engines, such as Google or Yahoo. They function like a mini library, finding websites that can help you find the answers to your questions.

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