How to Add Transitions Between PowerPoint Slides

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Farran Tabrizi
In this lesson, we will be demonstrating how to insert transitions between slides, modify transition effect options and manage multiple transitions in PowerPoint presentations.

Let's Talk About Transitions

Okay, so today we're going to talk about transitions! Now, why do we want transitions? Well, let's see here - that's pretty boring and abrupt. A simple transition can add an element of ease and polish to your PowerPoint presentation, so let's jump right in and demo how to add basic transitions and modify them to fit your presentation.

Applying the Transition

Okay, so we have our three slides here on the left. Let's select the second slide so we can input a transition from the previous slide to this one. Now, go to the top of the screen to the handy toolbar and click transitions. If you click through the transitions, it will show you a demo of what each will look like when applied to the slide. So, let's go through a few of these, and see which one calls out to us.

Ooh, I like this wipe; it has a nice flow and isn't too distracting from the content. Now that we have the wipe selected all we need to do is double click it, and we'll apply it to the slide. You can verify that it was applied by looking over here to the left of the slide, and you'll see a little star animation icon.

Now, if you think the transition moves too fast or you don't like the direction it's coming from, you can easily make some modifications. Just go right back up to the top bar, and click on the effect options. All of the effect options are specific to the type of transition you chose. Since this is a wipe, we have the option to choose which direction it's wiping from. So, let's go through a few of these.

Okay, I'm going to go ahead and keep the default from right to left. You can also change the duration of the transition. This is totally a personal preference; if you feel something drags out or moves to fast, you can make the adjustment here. I'm going to set it at 1.5.

Incorporating Sound Effects in Your Transition

You can also add a sound effect. Again, this is something I find to be a bit unnecessary and distracting for most presentations, but if you're trying to evoke some laughter or want to grab people's attention with a funny noise at a dry part of the presentation, you might find a need for this. Just remember which transitions you added sound effects to so that you're not talking over it while it happens; that'll ruin the whole thing.

So, let's try applause since we're going with this music performance theme. You select it and then can play it back by clicking on your star icon to the left again. And bravo! It's a crowd pleaser! Well, I'm going to let my audience decide this for themselves, so I'm going to remove the sound effect and hope I get a real applause from my crowd.

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