How to Analyze Selling Activities & Results

Instructor: Tara Schofield

Tara has a PhD in Marketing & Management

Sales activities are critical for the livelihood of a business. Equally important is having an effective way to analyze sales activities and results. Several methods are explained and examples are provided for each method.

The Value of Analyzing Sales Results

Regardless of what type of organization you are involved in, there are sales activities that must be conducted to keep the business operational. In the process of development of sales plans, understanding how the results will be analyzed is an important consideration. There are many ways to analyze selling activities and results, including quotas, contests, goals, and financial rewards.

Methods for Analyzing Sales Activities

There are many effective ways to measure sales activities and results. It is important to know the sales strategies are working to reach your goals.

Let's imagine you manage a large floral company. The business is comprised of online sales, a storefront, and wholesale accounts. You have a team of five salespeople who sell gift and flower arrangements to businesses for their customers or gift giving. You want to know the effectiveness of your sales activities.


Quotas are basic goals and targets that are established to measure sales against. Quotas can be created for individual salespeople or for teams that are involved in sales. The goals are made based on past results, potential opportunities, and changes in the market.

Your flower business has sold about $250,000 in wholesale sales each year for the past four years. However, this year you added another salesperson and have expanded your selection of products available for purchase. These two factors should increase the sales you have this year in the wholesale division. You determine your quota is $300,000 total, $60,000 per salesperson. Each person will be responsible for meeting this goal before the end of the year.


Contests are a fun and motivational way to increase sales. Whether it's a small prize, like a gift card or bonus, or a large prize, like a trip or large cash incentive, contests encourage the staff members to work harder to hit the sales amount tied to the contest.

Your salespeople are very motivated by contests and enjoy friendly competition. You believe you can increase sales in the spring by offering your wholesale salespeople a cash bonus of $500 for the team member who increases their sales the most during the month of April. The contest rules are explained to the team, and they are excited to challenge each other for the best sales numbers.


Establishing goals for your sales team is vital to meeting the organizational goals. Each person must know exactly what they are responsible for and how much they must generate in sales. It is not uncommon to have two sets of goals for salespeople: the goal they MUST meet and the goal they WANT to meet. The second goal is often higher than the first, but they are considered successful if they meet the first goal.

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