How to Be a Good Conversationalist

Instructor: Allison Tanner
In business, the best way to make deals and gain clients is by being able to easily talk with them! This lesson will explore ways to help you easily talk to people and to become a good conversationalist.

The Conversationalist

You watch with envy as Jan bounces into the company luncheon, instantly grabs the attention of several executives, and effortlessly begins discussing new company policy. How does Jan do this? Why is she not intimidated?

Jan has mastered the skills of a conversationalist. Jan is able to easily bounce into conversations, while giving them each her full attention, and she can deliver meaningful responses.

You shouldn't stress too much. You can be a great conversationalist too!

Becoming a Conversationalist

If you are not a natural conversationalist, you will have to work at it! This means you need to practice.

How to Practice

  • Small Talk: If you avoid family gatherings because you hate small talk, stop! A great way to develop your conversation skills is to become better at small talk. Say hello to the person at the coffee shop, ask your colleague how his day was. These little interactions, even if they are dreaded, expose you to different people and help you to develop your conversationalist skills.
  • Social Events: When you go to a social event, you are almost forced to engage in small talk, or even deep conversations. Look for opportunities to attend social events in a variety of settings. The more people you are exposed to, the better you will become at communicating in different settings.

Practicing will help you to become a better conversationalist. You also want to practice effectively. You should follow a few guidelines to help you.

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