How to Be a Positive Influence in the Workplace

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Eric Chase
Being positive in the workplace is more than just trying to be optimistic when you're at work. In this lesson, you'll learn important steps to being a positive influence as well as the five specific styles of influence.

Positive Influence

How many times have you logged onto social media to see a post reminding you to be positive and optimistic about your life? Sure, it might seem like a good idea for your friends and family to share that kind of message, but being positive isn't as simple as it sounds. It means looking at how your habits and actions impact others.

In the workplace, being a positive influence means a lot more than just being optimistic. By being a positive influence at work, you contribute ideas and encourage your coworkers to do the same, making an impact that improves the lives and attitudes of people around you.

Positive Influence at Work

It's easy to say you're positive, but can you think of a few ways to influence people in a helpful way? One step is to separate your work life from your home life. It can be fun to connect with your coworkers about parts of your personal life, like talking about your favorite TV shows or books, but it can also distract you and your coworkers from finishing your tasks, leading to a more stressful end of the workday.

Another step is to listen to your coworkers and offer help when they need it. By listening and paying attention, you can offer more productive ideas and helpful advice. If a coworker says that they're having trouble with some of their work, you can explain what's helped you become better, or take on some of their tasks if you have extra time. Maybe someday you'll be in the same situation, and that same coworker can help you out too.

You can also be a role model at work. Be a resource for other employees who might need help with tasks and work that fall under your skills. If a coworker sees how you react positively to helping another coworker, they'll know they can come to you for help too. Supervisors will also see that they can trust you with additional responsibilities.

One last method to being a positive influence is building partnerships. Don't limit yourself to just your own team, you can also reach out to other teams or departments to understand your workplace on a better level and suggest ideas that may benefit multiple teams or the company as a whole.

Five Styles of Positive Influence

There are five different styles of influence, and you can use each of them to be a positive influence in the workplace.

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