How to Create a Private Cloud with OpenStack

Instructor: Giorgos-Nektarios Panayotidis

George-Nektarios has worked as a tutor and student consultant for five years and has a 4-year university degree in Applied Informatics.

How does one create a Virtual Machine inside OpenStack? What are the steps and how do you carry each of them out? This lesson will walk you through those steps.

VirtualBox OpenStack Applliance

The goal of this lesson is to create a Virtual Machine (VM) inside OpenStack. The Virtual Machine will be Oracle Virtual Box. The OpenStack distribution used is Oracle OpenStack. You may know what Virtual Box is and what Oracle is, but what is OpenStack and how does it relate to cloud service? Well, you could say that OpenStack is to other cloud service providers what Open Office is to Microsoft Office or what Linux is to Windows.

OpenStack is an open source platform which began functioning in 2010 offering cloud computing services for free. It provides the cloud service IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). Virtual machines and OpenStack actually form a very common alliance and VirtualBox can be said to constitute an OpenStack Appliance since it supports the OpenStack platform. In this lesson, we will walk through the steps to installing Oracle OpenStack for Oracle Linux in VirtualBox.

OpenStack in VirtualBox Installation Steps

Let's look at the steps for OpenStack installation within VirtualBox.

Download/install of Oracle VM VirtualBox

This is the most fundamental pre-requisite. To find the versions we are interested in within this lesson, we need to access the webpage VirtualBox.

Download/decompress ''Oracle OpenStack for Oracle Linux'' image file

To access the webpage required and carry out this step, visit this website: Oracle OpenStack.

Provided that you have Oracle Linux 7, 7.5 or above, you are able to install Oracle OpenStack 5.0 (Queens). (Yes, you will do need to get used to some fancy names along the way.)

Pay special attention to the network adapter configuration and be sure to pick one. There are four options overall (Bridged, NAT, Host-only or Custom). The most popular choice is Host-only. By choosing Host-only, you essentially set up a virtual Ethernet connection from the VirtualBox to the host computer.

Switch on the Virtual Machine

Usually, there is a ''Start'' button to press. Within the Oracle VM VirtualBox interface, the functionality is to start the engines and boot your VM.

Connect to your Virtual Machine instance

To do this, use either the VBoxManage utility (command-line) or the form when you're prompted by the VM. In order to accomplish the login, you will need to provide the default password of the root user that is -what a surprise- 'password'!

Retrieve your login credentials

Go into a file inside the root folder called 'keystonerc_admin'. In there, you will find the administrator password. Consecutively use the Linux console commands ''source'' and ''cat'' in order to obtain it.

Obtain the interface ''bond0'' IP address

In order to obtain this master network interface address, you will need to use the classic 'ifconfig' command within the console/command line environment.

Log into the OpenStack dashboard

Enter the standard OpenStack dashboard and type/paste the retrieved address into the address bar.

Update '''OpenStack Nova'' with bond0 IP

Nova is another word for OpenStack compute, an indispensable service when it comes to managing cloud computing (IaaS).

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