How to Deal with Frustration

Instructor: Elisha Madison

Elisha is a writer, editor, and aspiring novelist. She has a Master's degree in Ancient Celtic History & Mythology and another Masters in Museum Studies.

Do you ever get frustrated at work or school? Someone says something wrong, or you are just having a bad day, and everything starts to get on your nerves? The following lesson will demonstrate ways you can handle this daily frustration.


You are walking down the street after a long day, but you are headed to dinner to sit and relax. On the way there, someone looking at their phone smashes into you, then gets angry at you for not watching where you were going. That's frustrating, right? Or maybe you are at dinner and the waiter is so slammed that he can't get to you for 30 minutes, then the kitchen gets your order wrong, and no one corrects it. Definitely frustrating, right?

Frustration is a daily thing; we deal with frustrating people or frustrating situations all the time. Each of these events are unique, but all of them drain you of the joy and appreciation for what is around you. So how do you find ways to de-stress? And what are the actual causes of your frustration anyway?

We all get frustrated

Why Do We Get Frustrated?

Usually frustration comes from a lack of knowledge. Why did this happen to me? What were they thinking? What is going to happen in the future? This lack of knowing creates frustration because we can't fix the problem. Instead we are just left to ruminate over the issue. We spend so much time trying to understand why it's happening that we forget to spend time on how to be less frustrated.

Frustration can become a block keeping you from moving forward, reaching goals, and communicating correctly. So, you first have to determine a way to relieve your frustration without exploding on those around you.

Do not let yourself get frustrated

Ways To Relieve Frustration

There are many steps in understanding and relieving frustration, but the first is always acceptance.

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