How to Deal with Verbal Bullies

Instructor: Artem Cheprasov
Have you ever been the victim of verbal bullying? Find out what this is in this lesson as well as what you can do if you are being verbally bullied or what you can do if you see someone being verbally bullied.

What Is Verbal Bullying?

'You are so stupid! You're never going to achieve anything and you'll live on the street.'

'You are worthless! Look at how fat you are. No one will ever love you.'

'I'm going to break your neck then next time I see you!'

'No one likes gays.'

Those are all some painful examples of verbal bullying. Verbal bullying refers to unwanted aggressive behavior that verbally threatens harm or harms a person to such an extent that it makes a person feel very low, intimidated, and/or powerless.

Since no one wants to experience that, this lesson looks at some ways by which verbal bullies may be dealt with.

If You Are Bullied

Let's meet three kids at the playground who are being verbally bullied. We'll see three different ways by which verbal bullies can be stopped. Little Timmy is being accused of being really stupid. But little Timmy has been taught by his parents that if he remains calm, he can gain the upper hand. So, Little Timmy tells his bully to stop. However, he does so in a calm and clear voice. This way, the bully may sense that his words aren't getting to little Timmy, they're having no perceivable effect, and so will move on. But if little Timmy were to yell stop in a really tense voice, the bully would be able to sense his words are having an effect on Timmy and so he'll continue bullying. Thus, it's important to say stop in a calm and clear voice.

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