How to Delegate Tasks as a Form of Time Management

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  • 0:03 What Is Time Management?
  • 0:50 Delegate Tasks
  • 2:21 Example and Effectiveness
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Sean Kennedy

Sean has 8 years experience as a supervisor and has an MBA with a concentration in marketing.

Time management is important in business. In this lesson, we'll discuss how to use time to your advantage and how delegating tasks can help management and administrators save time.

What Is Time Management?

When you are a manager or an administrator, you want to be able to get all your work done and meet deadlines. Do you want to know how to efficiently complete all work that has been assigned? Time management is taking control of time spent on activities to help increase efficiency. Time management skills are essential in business to make sure all work gets completed on time.

The use of time management helps create less stress for management and allows for more efficient productivity. As a manager or administrator, it is essential to be a strong leader - not by doing all the work, but by helping employees and being able to be there when they need assistance. Time is everything in business, which makes it essential to use time to your advantage.

Delegate Tasks

There is a lot of pressure when an individual is in a leadership role. The first thought is usually 'I want to take every task on because I know I can do it the best.' Unfortunately, it is difficult to take on all the work that needs to be completed and still successfully oversee a team. To save time, it is essential for leaders to give work to employees. To delegate is to assign a specific task to someone else and give them the authority to complete that task. Delegation helps save time for management, and it allows more work to be completed faster.

Managers must delegate tasks to employees because they often have to focus on higher-level work. A good manager does not take on all the work themselves but instead is able to assign work to employees so that he or she can oversee all employees. When delegating tasks, the manager must provide a clear picture of how the task should be completed, and what the desired result is. Delegating tasks allows management to concentrate on other things, such as overseeing employees or coming up with new ideas that will improve sales.

When delegating work, you want to choose employees that have the best skills and traits for the job that is being assigned. It is essential to learn employees' strengths and weaknesses so that tasks can be delegated to the best employees. When an employee is struggling, do not let them hand the work back over but instead instruct them on how they can achieve the end result.

Example and Effectiveness

Management and administrators have a lot of pressure put on them to make sure the business meets its expected goals. It sometimes may feel like there is too much work for one person to complete, but management must effectively delegate tasks while still maintaining control. Delegation gets work done quicker, and it helps employees gain more skills that will benefit them in the long run. Management should thank employees for all of their hard work, and show appreciation because it will help inspire employees to work harder.

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