How to Delight Customers: Principle & Examples

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Allison Tanner
Customer delight involves more than just meeting a customer's expectations; it is a truly emotional experience. This lesson describes the principle of customer delight and provides examples of how an organization can delight its guests.

Customer Delight

Zanella's Pizza is truly a one-of-a-kind place, and John is about to find out why! When John walks in to Zanella's, he immediately notices the traditional Italian wood-fire oven and the crisp white uniforms the chefs are wearing. But before he can continue glancing around the restaurant, he is greeted by a perky face welcoming him to Zanella's Pizza.

The first impression John has of Zanella's suggests that he will become a satisfied customer. As John moves through his dining experience, we will see that Zanella's has phenomenal customer satisfaction; they almost always meet or exceed their customers' expectations.

Above and beyond this, John will soon see why Zanella's is famous for customer delight. Customer delight is characterized by a real emotional joy that comes from an organization surprising its customers and creating a truly unique experience.


When John arrived at Zanella's he didn't even have a chance to find something wrong with the restaurant because he was immediately greeted! Once John is seated at his table, a busy server named Mark quickly says 'hello' and reassures John that he will be with him shortly. As expected from any good server, a few moments later Mark returns with water and asks John if he would like to try the house-made Italian soda.

By quickly recognizing John and assisting him in a timely manner, Zanella's has indicated to John that it values his presence and wants him to have a good experience. When a company is timely it meets customer needs in a speedy manner. Through being timely the company is more likely to delight the customer, even if something goes wrong at some point in the process.

Focal Point & Personalize

In a sit-down restaurant like Zanella's the server is typically the focal point, or first point of contact, for the guest. Companies that excel at customer delight make sure that the customer always knows who to contact. For example, if John's server introduces himself and then says, 'This is my floor partner Maggie, she can help you if I am not around,' then John always knows who to get a hold of. When a customer knows who to contact and when, the company can ensure that it always meets that customer's needs.

When a company personalizes the experience and makes it one-of-a-kind for each customer, the customer can feel it. Imagine that Mark finds out that this is John's first time in the restaurant. He has some extra time, so he asks if John would like a tour. Mark walks John around the restaurant, showing him where the pizza dough is tossed, where the tiramisu is made, and he gives him a sample of the locally famous lasagna. While John is enjoying the tour, Mark gives him a short synopsis on the history of Zanella's and how the owner came from Italy in the 1950s. Zanella's is providing a unique product for its customer. By personalizing the experience and giving John a unique opportunity to sample great food and hear about the history, Zanella's is wowing John into delight!

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