How to Develop a Coaching Mindset as a Manager

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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Tara Schofield

Tara has a PhD in Marketing & Management

A manager with a coaching mindset can help his or her team exceed their goals and stretch beyond their limits by encouraging and supporting them. Use the steps in this lesson to understand how to be a manager with a coaching mindset.


What used to be a catchy phrase has now become a mainstream term in management. Coaching is the approach a manager takes to encourage and engage his or her employees in effective and productive work performance. Developing a coaching mindset is fundamental to getting the best work out of your employees, while making them satisfied and happy at work.

What Is a Coaching Mindset?

A coaching mindset involves actively increasing the effectiveness of your employees, utilizing their skills and talents, encouraging your team members to stretch their abilities, and building trust with your staff.

For example, during the Olympic trials for gymnastics, a coach was seen on the sidelines guiding the girls' performances, giving encouragement, fine tuning their steps, and offering words of wisdom. She was helping the girls get in the mental zone and be ready to perform at their peak level. Without the encouragement and guidance of the coach, the gymnasts might have struggled to learn their skills, prepare for the competition, and be mentally ready for the challenges of their routines. Their coach offered wisdom and training while helping the girls achieve more than they individually thought they could.

As a coach in the business world, your responsibility is similar to that of coaching the gymnasts. You must teach, lead, and train your employees to have the skills to complete their jobs. But coaching goes even further. To be an effective coach, you also must inspire, encourage, support, and otherwise help your team achieve more than they individually thought was possible.

Developing a Coaching Mindset

There are four fundamental aspects of developing a coaching mindset:

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