How to Develop a Digital Ad Campaign

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  • 1:11 Step One: Define Metrics
  • 1:45 Step Two: Choose Your Tools
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Lesson Transcript
Instructor: Danielle Reed

Danielle works in digital marketing and advertising. She holds a bachelor's degree in English and an MBA.

After this lesson, you'll be able to assemble a successful digital ad campaign using a few steps identified by major marketing and advertising organizations. These include defining metrics, choosing tools, finding a hook, measuring, and optimizing.

What Is a Digital Ad Campaign?

Go to your local news station's website. You should see banners on the top or sides of the page advertising certain companies, products, and brands. Whether it's about the latest car model or the next big gadget you have to have, the digital ad you see was designed and targeted for you. Implementation of this type of digital ad campaign can be done if the focus is on the specific product or service being offered.

Digital ad campaigns are online promotional efforts made via the Internet for your company or product and are targeted toward a specific audience of your choosing. Putting together a successful digital ad campaign can propel your brand forward and immediately lead to an increase in your sales. You don't have to be an expert to put together your own ad campaign, you just need to follow the following steps and stay dedicated to getting better.

Steps of a Digital Ad Campaign

For the purpose of this lesson, we'll break down the design and implementation of a digital ad campaign into five parts. As you design for your business, you move through the steps and start over once a campaign is finished.

Step One: Define Metrics

Knowing what you count as successful is the first step toward creating a digital ad campaign. When you take a class, you measure your success by the grade you get in the class. What will be your standard for grading yourself?

In digital ads, the metrics you use to define your success are called key performance indicators (KPIs). Some of the KPIs you might use for measuring success are campaign traffic, click-through rate, and cost per acquisition. Just be sure the key performance indicator you choose directly relates to your ad campaign.

Step Two: Choose Your Tools

By choosing the KPI, you can therefore figure out how to design your campaign. Do you want to reach out on social media? Do you want banner ads on websites? Do you want to communicate with customers through email? Do you want more ads to be targeted to mobile viewers?

Often your tools can be determined by looking at your customer demographics. If you're trying to reach men in their 50s, your tactics would be different than reaching females in their teens. Even something as simple as figuring out what social media platforms are used by certain age groups can focus your ad dollars on platforms to use. For example, a technology product could be advertised on a gaming site, while a wedding company could be promoted on an online wedding community site.

Step Three: Find Your Hook

This means to figure out the way you appeal to your customer base. With every marketing effort, whether it's writing blog content or creating an ad, you have to find your hook. Ask yourself: Why would a customer choose me over the other options? What makes me different from the competition? What is the hook for customer A, B, and C?

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